Sharing knowledge through workshops

Over the summer we delivered trade finance training to our partner banks across the EBRD regions

We place huge emphasis on education, and over the summer the TFP team took to the road to deliver learning to the doors of our partner banks in Morocco, Armenia, Tunisia and Azerbaijan.


We began in Morocco on 22 June with a one-day trade finance workshop in Casablanca. The session was aimed at trade finance professionals (front, middle and back office), relationship managers and risk officers.

It covered advanced products in a trade finance environment, their processes and procedures, and looked at topics such as: the sequences of payment instruments (collections, documentary credits, guarantees and standby letters of credit); Incoterms and transport documents in documentary credits; risks in documentary credits and how to mitigate them; and practical cases of standby letters of credit and guarantees.

The workshop, which was held in French by one of the trade finance experts from ICC France, was attended by 30 banking professionals from Bank of Africa, Banque Centrale Populaire, Credit Agricole du Maroc, Credit du Maroc, BMCI (Banque marocaine pour le commerce et l’industrie), Credit Immobilier and Hotelier and Societe Generale Marocaine de Banque.

The course was well paced with clear and concise resources.

Rafika Zarari, Bank of Africa

Thank you for organising such an inspiring event that gave us such valuable and useful information.

Tamara Barbaryan, Ardshinbank


A week later, on 29 June, we were in Armenia for a two-day workshop on the Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS). We were delighted to host more than 50 banking professionals from ArmSwissbank​, Conversbank, Ardshinbank, AraratBank, Inecobank, Acba bank, Armeconombank, Ameriabank and the Central Bank of Armenia.

The event was jointly organised by ICC Armenia and ICC Dubai, and it was delivered by trade finance consultant Vincent O’Brien. Innesa Amirbekyan, Executive Board Member and Chair of the Banking Commission, along with George Akhalkatsi, Head of Armenia at the EBRD, extended a warm welcome to all participants.

Our aim with this workshop was to provide current and aspiring documentary credit professionals with the necessary skills and expertise in the processes and rules so that they could professionally deliver documentary credit services to support secure international trade. The CDCS is a professional qualification recognised worldwide as a benchmark of competence for international trade practitioners in documentary letters of credit. 


Our workshop in Tunis, Tunisia, on 12 July followed the same format as that in Morocco. It was attended by 20 banking professionals from Banque de Tunisie, UBCI, Amen Bank, BIAT, UIB and Attijari Bank Tunisie.

Highly engaging and informative!

Yasmine Kolsi, Banque de Tunisie

Hugely enjoyable, and we gained valuable insights and knowledge.

Elmar Sadihov, MuganBank


On 11 and 12 July 2023 we delivered the two-day CDCS workshop for our partner financial institutions in Azerbaijan. Twenty-five trade finance professionals from partner institutions, including the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, took part.

We would like to thank our partner financial institutions, our consultant Vincent O’Brien and organisers Nana Khurodze and Ikbol Hakimov for making this happen.