Expanding education in receivables finance

TFP partner banks have access to new FCI courses on factoring and supply chain finance

We are teaming up with FCI, the global representative body for factoring and financing of open account domestic and international trade receivables, to provide a new set of FCI courses that will help our partner banks create and maintain well-functioning factoring and supply chain finance operations.

With expertise from the TFP and FCI Academy (the education arm of FCI), 800 new e-learning licences will be offered for the following courses: 

  • Introduction to Factoring and Receivables Finance 
  • Fundamentals of Domestic and International Factoring 
  • Supply Chain Finance and Reverse Factoring. 

The training is aimed at staff who are directly involved in structuring trade finance products, as well as relationship managers, to help the partner banks market the products. It may also be offered, at the discretion of the EBRD, to corporates located in the EBRD regions to facilitate transactions with partner banks. 

For more information about the courses, and information on how to register, please reach out to the TFP team. 

A fruitful cooperation

The partnership between the EBRD and FCI began in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength; it is testament to the shared commitment to promoting and developing open account receivables financing, delivering unparalleled value to all EBRD member institutions. Over the years the collaboration has had numerous successes, ranging from regional seminars and workshops to conferences and e-learning courses. Both organisations recognise the rapidly evolving nature of invoice finance and remain committed to supporting financial institutions, regulators and policymakers in promoting and establishing a fertile ground for its growth.

“We are excited to collaborate further with FCI and offer a brand new subset of training courses. Together, we understand the importance of educating partner banks, companies, regulators and local authorities about the benefits of receivables finance.”

Rudolf Putz, Head of the TFP

“We are pleased to be partnering with [the EBRD] to further extend our education programmes. Without the EBRD’s support, our reach would be quite limited, especially in eastern Europe, the Caucuses, Central Asia and the Middle East regions. We are grateful for this very close and nearly 10-year relationship with the EBRD.”

Peter Mulroy, FCI Secretary General