Trade Finance Week, Ukraine 2019

The annual event was a resounding success, with hundreds of industry specialists having the chance to discuss challenges and opportunities

The TFP’s excellent Trade Finance Week took place on 16-20 September 2019, bringing together 300 delegates from the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), local and international commercial banks, and experts in trade finance, correspondent banking and compliance.

The annual event provides an important platform for delegates to discuss challenges and opportunities to cooperate, and to seek professional advice from recognised industry experts.

There were four main events: the Annual International Conference, a workshop on compliance, a workshop for documentary credit specialists and a workshop on financial crime counteraction.

The week in Kyiv not only facilitated fruitful discussions between the delegates – who covered many complex topics such as money-laundering risks and best practice controls in correspondent banking – but also yielded useful feedback from various stakeholders. The event will be instrumental in policy dialogue, the development of trade finance in Ukraine and the country’s access to international markets.

Following the success of Trade Finance Week, the EBRD, NBU and International Compliance Association (ICA) will continue working together to develop trade finance in Ukraine and find ways of managing money-laundering risk. A joint action plan has been put together, which includes “train the trainer” compliance programme centres across Ukraine.