“Introduction to Trade Finance” e-Learning module now available in Albanian

The EBRD’s renowned online course expands to offer better access to specialists in Albania

One of the fundamental modules of the EBRD Trade Finance e-Learning Programme – “Introduction to Trade Finance” – is now available in Albanian, allowing industry specialists in our partner banks across the country even better access to our award-winning course. The module is already available in Arabic, English, French, Mongolian and Russian.

The EBRD and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) jointly launched the e-Learning Programme in May 2010 to help the TFP’s partner banks attain best international practice in trade finance. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and now boasts 8,794 graduates in 54 economies across the EBRD regions, becoming one of the top courses for trade finance professionals to expand their knowledge.

Written by world-leading experts, our e-Learning Programme is accessible through the EBRD’s dedicated website and is made up of eight technical modules, including: six standard modules covering ICC trade and Incoterms® rules; and two descriptive modules covering an introduction to trade finance, and environmental and social issues in trade finance.

Our e-Learning Programme boasts 8,794 graduates in 54 economies across the EBRD regions.